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The new Premium Golf Collection presented by the BOSS Golf Pros

HUGO BOSS sponsors a selection of golf’s established stars and emerging talents from around the world. Wherever they play, they demonstrate precision, skill and style. Meet our golf pros, learn about their successes, and take a look at their sartorial choices from the Premium Golf Collection.


Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS focused Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS focused
Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS
Meet Patrick Cantlay

We are shining the spotlight on our golf pro Patrick Cantlay who has risen the world rankings to take his place in the top 10. Patrick’s determination has set him up for many successes, with even more on the horizon. He tells us, “I am always striving to be the best version of myself in all aspects of life. This allows me to stay motivated every day and continue to push myself to perform as well as I can.“ We are excited to have Patrick on our team and dressed in BOSS.

Active-stretch golf polo shirt with S.Café®

Active-stretch golf polo shirt with S.Café® Cut to versatile regular fit, this sporty top features a knitted collar and cuffs with 3D stripes tipping the edge of the collar. A golf polo shirt by BOSS Menswear, engineered in cotton-blend pique with S.Café®, a patented process that transforms recycled coffee grounds into a special yarn for quick-drying functionality and natural odor control.

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Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS swinging Professional Golf Player Patrick Cantlay wearing BOSS swinging


Premium Golf Collection

Learn from the pros

  • By Byeong-Hun An
    The Fade and Draw

    Want to avoid obstacles like trees on the golf course? Byeong-Hun An reveals how to ensure the ball moves around whatever is in your way. The BOSS golfer takes us through key aspects, including swing, stance and shoulder shape, that will help your shot go to plan.

  • By Martin Kaymer
    The Bunker Shot

    The ball is in a bunker – how do you get it out? Martin Kaymer shows us how with some pro tips, including where to place the ball and how to position your hands. Plus we look back at a shining example of the shot he executed while competing in South Africa.

  • By Henrik Stenson
    Mental preparation

    “We always talk about golf being a very mental game – that it's played between the ears,” says Martin Kaymer. He shares his pre-shot routine – from assessing his surroundings to staying in the right frame of mind – that will help you master this very important part of the sport.

  • By Henrik Stenson
    The Driver

    2016 Player of the Year Henrik Stenson takes us through driving, a technique employed to gain distance, when teeing off. Famed within the sport for his flair for this shot, Henrik demonstrates ball position, set-up and swing, so you can hit more fairways in regulation next time you’re on the course.

  • By Martin Kaymer
    The Lob Shot

    Highly technical and difficult to master, the lob shot needs to come into play when there is little green in the run-up to the hole – near a bunker or water hazard. Martin Kaymer tells us the aspects that are required to ensure great execution: ball position, weight distribution and rhythm – plus a lot of practice.

  • By Byeong-Hun An
    The Putt

    Used in precision play at short distances, putting is essential if you want to pass the final hurdles when nearing the hole. This technique is crucial if you want to bring your scores down. From grip to reading the green, golf pro Byeong-Hun An explains what goes into the perfect putt.