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Accessorizing separates the men from the boys, and HUGO and BOSS men's designer belts will keep you at the top of your style game. A great belt will tie your look together, and is a key piece for completing any outfit. Belts are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, and our selection of men's designer leather belts is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from high quality leather and hardware, our belts are designed to keep up with your ever-changing wardrobe. Building the wardrobe of a refined gentleman is effortless with our belts.

The ultimate finish to your look, a belt can really upgrade your entire outfit. If you want to add some polish to a pair of shorts and plain button down, then a belt can elevate the look into something dressier. A great suit also needs a great belt to complete the look. You need at minimum both a black and brown belt for your wardrobe. These two colors should cover your basics, but it never hurts to have other options as well. For example, a sporty belt with a novelty buckle or even a suede style can add some dimension to a look. Wear these more fashion conscious belts with jeans for a look that can’t be beat. Accessories make the man, and HUGO and BOSS belts really give your wardrobe a polished finish.


Our belts come in a variety of materials and shapes that will suit any outfit from weekend looks to workwear ensembles. Pick your favorite belt that best suits your outfits and your needs. For example, our men's woven leather belts are ideal for the office, and can effortlessly be paired with a summer suit and brogues. Showcase your personal style at the office and when you are out on the town. We also carry belts with “HB” logo buckles that highlight the growing popularity of logomania. Celebrate the uniqueness of your personal style with HUGO and BOSS belts.